Windsor Star: Mandy Wants You and Me

By Ted Shaw

Mandy wants you and me Country singer Mandy Bo is looking for your help to fundraise money to complete her mini-album and take her act on the road.

Crowd funding is the latest thing in fundraising for the arts, and Windsor’s Mandy Bo has issued a challenge to her loyal fans for support. Bo is hoping to raise $5,000 a few bucks at a time so she can finish a mini-album and take her act on the road.

A young country artist in the style of Taylor Swift, Bo has raised about $500 so far in her Kickstarter campaign that launched Wednesday. Pledges will be accepted until Friday, April 18.

There are free downloads for her songs, Old Morty, Standoff and Lullaby on her site,

But as a teaser, check out her hot video for Lullaby here:

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