In 2009, shortly after graduating her B.A., Bo began writing an online blog titled Michele, which was about her mother’s life and struggles with a very rare and deadly syndrome called Sturge-Webers.

The blog was a compilation of research, personal stories and interviews with close family members, mainly Bo grandfather on her mother’s side. When Bo’s grandfather passed away she was devastated and took a year and a half long break from writing.

The blog was later completed when Bo added Part III to the story, detailing the loss of her grandfather. The story took approximately four years to complete. The blog has received almost 10,000 visitors since it’s creation and has since been turned into a book by the same title.

Shortly after the completion of the book Michele, Bo began adapting the story into a feature-length screenplay. The film is an inspirational drama with an optimistic tone; after being deemed an unfit parent, Michele struggles to get her life on track, rising above her disability in order to get her children back.

The theme asserts that our flaws make us who we are and we shouldn’t deny our imperfections; embrace them. The Michele script has come in the quarterfinals of several well known international screen writing and film festivals and competitions including Scriptpalooza and the Toronto Reel Heart International Film Festival. Production planning for the film begins in 2017.

The Michele blog, script and feature screenplay were all dedicated in loving memory to Bo’s grandfather, Michael Edgar Beaudoin.

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