Pay The Price


"Pay The Price" is the first single from Bo's EP, Making Herstory and is a satisfying fusion of country twang and a dance-y beat that'd be at home at any club right now. It's's really catchy and, for some, the opening line of 'Woke this morn, hell of a hang' will strike an all too familiar chord...let's just hope that for those some that that's where the similarities end and do not involve a visit from the boys in blue or an arrest for the events of the night before that the narrator is slowly starting to remember. And she has a hell of a 'price to pay' for her night.

Fortunately, you do not have to pay any price to get your hands on our single of the week - Sing up in the footer for a free copy of the single right now. Go get it.

The song was inspired by Johnny Cash’s “Boy Named Sue”.

Produced by Mark Zubek (

Album image by Trevor Godinho.

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